Better Play Dead!

Check out the brand new DSSS0009 featuring our first vocalist and Trojan Sound System’s Super Four… Be careful with this one, it’ll MURDER ya speakers!

This, that, Everyman..!

So here is DSSS0008 – Dub Smugglers – Everyman ft. Nat T..! A hard hitting retake on the classic ‘Everyman Different’ with vocals provided by our very own Nat T… This is being released along with DSSS0007 – Nearly Inspector ft. Parly B on the 22nd of May… Which is also the date of our event with El Fata… Gonna be a Big’Un

On to the next release…! Ah-Heeeeeh

So here we have DSSS0007 – Dub Smugglers ft. Parly B – Nearly Inspector. It is a hornsy affair with a big drop and niced up by the newly father PARLY B… BigUp and congratulations..!

Once in a Lifetime..!

It is with GREAT pleasure we present to you DSSS0006 – Dub Smugglers – Once in a Lifetime ft. Ponchita Peligros on the Thanks & Praise Rhythm. Ponchita is the freshest DeeJay to come out of Spain and is rrrrrripping it up at the moment… Check the tunes, release date is April 10th… Don’t forget the RELEASE PARTY is at Antwerp Mansion on April 10th, so don’t miss it!


Dub Smugglers presents OUTTERNATIONAL..!

We’re once again (as always) really excited about our NEXT event… Not only are we bringin’ acts in from all over EUROPE but we are also throwing a LAUNCH PARTY! So there’s alot to tell you about and even more to get excited about… Check the poster and then check the BRAND NEW RELEASE from PONCHITA PELIGROS who is straight outta Madrid, Spain!