20 Jun

More news…

We’ve updated our ‘Smugglin’ News’. This is a small e-zine that keeps you up to date with reggae & dub happenings which don’t necessarily relate directly to us. Have a read by clicking ‘Smugglin’ News #2′ on the right hand menu

20 Jun

Party Vibes this weekend!

We’re back on the road this weekend as we head ‘op’ norf’ once again to party with Pikey Beatz! We’re lookin’ forward to a vibin’ with the crew and testing out a few new tunes in preparation for BeatHerder…

19 Jun

… And we’re Back!

It has been a teeth gritting and painfully slow process in restoring the website. We’ve managed to keep all content but have lost all images contained within posts. We will do our best to rectify this as soon as we can. Any personal details you have sent through purchasing of merchandise or emailing personal details have not been hacked as they are all done through seperate, independant and secure avenues, that’s a promise!

02 Jun

Calm after the Storm..!

Here at Dub Smugglers Web HQ, we have been doing our best to recover after an evil CYBER ATTACK! Please bare with us as we sweep the floors and put everything back on the shelves