20 Jul

Jinx in Dub (Smugglers)

We’ve recently been linkin’ up with Jinx In Dub, wicked Drum & Bass / Jungle DJ & Producer. He has mashed up our take on YT’s ‘Smuggle Outta Babylon’ and here it is for your listening pleasure. We’ve got Jinx playing at some of our up coming events so come and check him out!

20 Jul

BeatHerder Video…

Here is the video diary of our lil trip to the Lancashire meadows also known as BeatHerder. Once again we would like to give a massive thanks to Trailer Trash, Underground Roots and all the crews that mingled over the weekend.

06 Jul

Time for PEACE & QUIET!

I think we’ve all just about got the mud off our wellies and dried ourselves out. We’d like to give a MASSIVE thanks to Trailer Trash and all the Country Style crew for their hospitality and good times. We got to meet aload of WICKED people who made BeatHerder what it was. We’re taking a wee break over the next couple of weeks before we ascend on to Secret Garden Party with Secret FM in full effect! After that, it will be prep time for Outlook. There maybe a chance of a couple of other gigs about the place but we have no confirmations as of yet to tell you about. Look out for the new BeatHerder video that will be posted up REAL soon