06 Dec

Smuggle Wear!

We’ve had a few issues with Paypal recently. You may have noticed our shop was not working as it should. All these issues have been resolved and the shop is back open for business with a whole heap of new gear in there! The shop uses Paypal which is used by millions of users and traders everyday. Our issue was with authentication and there was and is NO security risk in using our shop. Enjoy browsing!

05 Dec

Xmas with the Smugglers!

It is that time of the year again for office parties, community centre dos and the Dub Smuggler’s XMAS PARTY! Last year we invited DJ Derek and all that seems to remain is a hazy memory and an empty packet of ibuprofen!

This year we are holding back the headliners and presenting a jam packed lineup with local DJs and artists and friends we’ve met along the way. We’ve done this to kepe the admisison fee down and open the evening up to everyone! This year we are charging just £2 on the door if you arrive before midnight, so get on down…