21 May


We’ve been very fortunate to get an absolutely lovely write up from ‘Shout4Music’ (http://www.shout4music.com). They, as are we; very excited about SoundWave which is just around the corner. You can read the whole articale here: http://www.shout4music.com/features/soundwave-croatia-preview-djs-and-sound-systems or you can read a few select quotes below:

“OK, so last week we looked at some of the stunning live acts topping the bill at this year’s Soundwave Croatia. But there’s an equally impressive array of sound systems and DJs to be enjoyed on Tisno island this year, ranging from experimental hip hop, to heavy weight reggae veterans, to exciting new blood in the production scene. At the top of the pile is DJ Shadow, one of the most influential DJs and producers in hip hop for the last 20 years, but looking down the list it doesn’t get any less impressive. Channel One, one of the three premier mainstay sound systems in the UK; DJ Yoda, giving lessons in cut and paste; Capitol 1212, injecting positivity into hip hop; Dub Smugglers, proving that the UK still has some new ideas when it comes to sound system culture. If you’re going to Soundwave Croatia to dance, you’re going to be well provided for.”

“Dub Smugglers are of the new crop of sound systems coming in to their own in the last few years, and are doing it right. Keeping true to what sound systems are all about, but infusing sessions with a new spirit, Dub Smugglers are one of Manchester’s premier sounds. Expect a hefty bass sound and an elite selection, both of choice dubs and Smuggler originals. Taking guidance from big names like Rodigan, Trojan and Mungo’s, Smugglers incorporate new developments in dub music and dubstep, this is a collective well-versed in hosting festival stages and running dances, wowing crowds at Outlook and Dimensions with a full sound system set up. This is a collective with a knack for giving audiences what they want before they know they want it.”

BOOOOOOM…. Thanks Shout4Music!

17 May

Ready for a Roasting..!

This Saturday sees Dub Smugglers take on Reggae Roast in a Clash style & fashion! On the night will also see the likes of Vibration Lab, Red Eye HiFi, Dub Smuggler’s newest addition to the Youth’man squad Dub Monsta as well as Parly B and Kuntri Ranks holding down microphone duties… Islington Mill is the place, bass in ya face!

17 May

Outlook Mix 2013!

We always love doing our yearly mix for Outlook Festival. We did our first one nearly 3 years ago and today Outlook Festival & your Top Rankin’, Champion Skankin’ Crew have released the third! Have a listen and give it a download…