19 Sep

No Circus..!


We put together a promo EP for Outlook Festival this year and pressed up 100 copies. We handed them out very quickly and are unsure who actually ended up with one! We’re going to think of a way to get the EP out to more people but in the meantime we have pressed the comic cover into a T-Shirt. Check it!

19 Sep

Feel the IRATION..!

19 Sep

Croatia Croatia!

As we look out of the office to another dreary day in Manchester, it’s always good to sitback and remember the good times of beach, sun and ravers! Coooooooome in…

16 Sep


It is our great pleasure to bring our latest release entitled ‘To The Top EP’ featuring some of our favourite artists! Featuring none other:

Jah Buck – To The Top
Parly B – Struggle
Kuntri Ranks – Equal Rights
Super Four – To The Fire
Dub Smugglers – To The Fire Rhythm
Dub Smugglers – To The Top Rhythm

These are now all available at our DIGITAL SHOP so go and take a look!