21 Jul

Lookin’ Fresher than Fresh..!

We’ve sorted our merchandise gnomes out and got ’em back on the case with some new merchandise and some different colours of the ole favourites. We were going to be stocking a whole range of bikinis and men’s swim wear but fortunately the British summer ruined all that!

Visit our SHOP to have a better browse and a buy!

04 Jul

Lookin’ Back..!

Last year we were lucky enough to do the TELERAMA FESTIVAL in Paris. It was a wicked weekend with visits to the Transport Police, late Euro Tunnels and a one way system that seemed to take us backwards, not forwards! Check the video below as it sums up the trip!

28 Jun

Things ah Changing..!

Here at Dub Smugglers we’ve been working hard behind the scenes on a whole heap of different projects. All this has meant that we’ve gotten a bit behind in updating you all with all our latest news. We’ve got a radio show these days on Reform Radio (Click Here), we’ve just got back from Glastonbury and we’re preparing a whole heap of exciting stuff concerning the label and OUTLOOK!

Stay peeled…

03 Dec

Telerama on the Tele!

We had the privilege to be part of Telerama Festival, the Paris edition! It was a strange time to be going over to France, but we packed up the vans and set errr ‘sail’. We want to give a special thanks to all the Parisians who welcomed us with open arms and great big smiles! It was immense… Don’t believe us? Check out the AfterMovie